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  • Live within two hours of Bloomer, WI

  • Own your own home

  • Physically fenced yard (preferred)

  • Relinquish the dog to us for breeding

  • Provide appropriate veterinary care

  • Feed the dog high quality dog food

  • Assume commitment to train and socialize the dog

  • Provide the dog with endless amounts of love 

  • Do not leave the dog home alone for extended periods of time


All of our breeding dogs are raised in loving homes. To maintain the success of our program, we place all future breeding dogs in Guardian Homes. Our Guardian Home Program allows local families to have a preferred puppy for a fraction of the price. The Guardian Home puppy is part of the Guardian Home’s Family indefinitely, while the breeding rights are retained by Doodles in Bloom. Once the Guardian dog has completed his/her breeding career (3-5 years), he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense and the dog will remain a forever pet of their Guardian Family!  


Guardian families get the finest dogs Doodles in Bloom has to offer. All Guardian dogs will have completed full health testing at our expense by one year old. Guardian families experience the joy and excitement of being part of our breeding program, while seeing the offspring of their own dog being placed with loving families.

FREE board with us while you're on vacation.

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brown and white female labradoodle sitting in the grass

Ready for

a Guardian


Interested in Our Guardian Program?

Should you wish to apply as a Guardian Family, please make sure you have carefully read through the responsibilities and expectations. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to discuss further details and deem whether this arrangement is a suitable fit for both of us. 

In the meantime, should you have any questions at all regarding guardianship, we'd love to speak with you! 

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